What To Do After a San Jose Car Accident

Car wrecks happen every day. Unfortunately, few people know what to do in the event of a serious collision.

The following is some information on what to do if you are involved in an automobile accident:

  • Stop: It is extremely important that you stop if you are in an accident. Law enforcement may accuse you of committing a hit and run if you do not stop.
  • Share: Next, you must show your license, registration and insurance information to the other driver.
  • Move: If your vehicle is blocking traffic or creating a hazard for other motorists, you should move it to the shoulder so that it is out of the way. If you hit a parked car, attempt to locate the owner of the vehicle and make sure you identify yourself before leaving. If you cannot find the owner, leave a note with your contact information on the windshield.
  • Report: If someone is injured or killed, make sure you report the accident within twenty-four hours. For more information on how best to do this, contact an experienced San Jose car accident lawyer.
  • Insurance: Whenever you operate a vehicle in California, you must be financially responsible for your actions. The majority of drivers choose to have a liability insurance policy to cover them in case they are in an accident. You may have your license suspended if you are in an accident that is not covered by your insurance.
  • DMV accident reporting: If you are in a motorcycle or car accident, you must fill out a Report of Traffic Accident Occurring in California (SR 1) form. You can find this form at your local DMV office. Failure to report any accident in which a person is injured or killed or there is more than $750 worth of damage may result in a suspension of your license.

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