Oxnard Metrolink Accident Lawyer

Federal Railroad Officials Investigate Latest So. CA Commuter Train Crash at Problem Intersection

February 24, 2015 The early morning train collision is one of many seen at this crossing over the years. Personal injury attorneys of Needham Kepner & Fish LLP are on the frontlines offering support and legal aid to the families traumatized by the latest train crash and derailment that sent passengers airborne in the early morning hours. Investigators arrived on the scene to assist passengers when a Metrolink commuter train collided into a produce truck that was stranded on the track. The 54-year-old Arizona trucker was reportedly hauling a 12-foot trailer when he misjudged a turn and got stuck on the train track in Oxnard, CA. The impact of the crash twisted and toppled 3 of 5 rail cars, sparking a fiery explosion that left 4 people critically injured and sent 28 people total to the hospital with broken limbs, head, back and neck injuries. The engineer of the Los Angeles bound train says he pulled the emergency brake as soon as he spotted the disabled truck on the track at Rice and 5th Streets around 5:45 a.m. 50 passengers and crew members aboard the train were jolted from their seats as the truck and train erupted into an inferno. Oxnard Police found the disoriented driver of the Ford F-150 truck more than a mile from the crossing. The unnamed driver was taken to the hospital for observation.

Early news reports show the Metrolink train was being pushed by a locomotive in the rear. This is a configuration that has been scrutinized in the past for having the potential to jeopardize passenger safety. Another investigation into a commuter train crash that killed 11 people and injured 180 others in Glendale in 2005, led to Metrolink’s investment of collapsible bumpers to try to absorb crash impact. Metrolink spokesperson, Jeff Lustgarten, claims that in this case safety technology worked. As the Federal Railroad Administration takes up the investigation, it is imperative for each train passenger to have a legal advocate. If you or your loved one have been a passenger in any train accident, a dedicated Oxnard Metrolink Accident lawyer at Needham Kepner & Fish would like to speak with you. Call us at (408) 716-1668 a call for a free initial consultation.  We represent families throughout California and look forward to advocating for your family and making sure your legal rights are protected.