72 Passengers Settle Personal Injury Claims with Asiana Airlines

In July 2013, a Boeing 777 flight coming from South Korea hit a sea wall in San Francisco as it approached landing. There were over 300 people on board the plane at the time, and nearly 200 people were injured. Three teens were also killed because of the accident. In addition, one family sued the city of San Francisco when an ambulance hit a 16-year-old girl as it moved to the accident to give aid.

The injured individuals and their families sued the airline company, the maker of the aircraft, and the company that made the evacuation slides. The U.S. safety investigators blame the pilots for landing because they made several errors. However, the National Transportation Safety Board blame Boeing as well because the system is unreasonably complicated. Parties and the airliner are not permitted to disclose the details about the settlement agreement.

Where there are a large number of people who have been injured in the same accident, these people can join together and make a much more formidable team when going up against a large company, like an airline. When one person brings a case, they may not have enough pull to make the company make any significant changes, so having several people band together may be helpful. Settlements also seem to be more likely when there are more people involved, which helps avoid costly and emotional trials.

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