Are You Affected by the Honda Airbag Recall?

Picture of Automotive Recall

Your car should be a safe place for you. Despite the large number of motor vehicles accidents that occur on a daily basis, you should always feel confident in the safety features that you vehicle holds. Arguably the most important feature and the most reliable should be your airbags. Since the 1970’s airbags have been available in vehicles sold in the United States and because of that it seems safe to assume that your new car’s airbags are equipped to protect you.

Unfortunately, there have been millions of vehicles affected by the Honda airbag recall. This recall involves airbags made by Takata that are at risk for an explosion caused by the chemicals within the airbag during an accident. In many cases the injuries from these accidents are made significantly worse by this issue with the airbags. These airbags have been the cause of hundreds of injuries and even a number of deaths. The vehicles that are affected by this recall span from the model years 2001-2016. This includes a number of different models.

It is important that all owners of a Honda check to see whether or not their model contains the airbags that are involved in this recall. You can find out more about the vehicles affected and Honda’s efforts to correct this issue on Honda airbag recall website.

Luckily, Honda is proactive about addressing this issue as soon as possible, but if you have suffered from an injury caused by the Honda airbag recall and need help contact us.