Can technology stop scourge of bicycle thefts?

Biking can be an effective method of transportation, but bike theft is rampant. In the Bay Area, BART stations other commuter-heavy locations represent prime targets by bicycle thieves. Commuters may bike to a BART station and then leave their highly valuable bicycle at the station for the whole day. Thieves take advantage of that long absence to steal your bike. However, technology is adapting to combat the ever growing spread of bike thefts.

A new start-up named Wi-MM is stepping up to the plate to create an early warning and tracking system. Their device, the Bike+, has a two step early warning system. The first step sets off a loud alarm while the second step sends a text message to your phone to kindly let you know that your bike is being stolen. If those do not prevent the bike theft, then the device will use Verizon’s cell service towers in order to accurately locate the bike.

However, this great device does not prevent bike accidents. If you or a loved one are injured as a result of a bike accident, please call the experienced personal injury lawyers with Needham Kepner & Fish at 408-956-6949.