Ford Recall: Fire And Door Safety Issues

Picture of Automotive Recall

Have you heard about the latest Ford recall? The car manufacturing giant is recalling 570,000 cars worldwide manufactured between 2013-2015. The cars affected range in size from compact cars to vans, and this latest recall deals with two different problems. The first concerns spontaneous engine fires. The second is an older recall problem that deals with faulty door latches. The door doesn’t fully close as vehicle drivers and passengers assume, and pops open when the vehicle is in transit.

This certainly isn’t the first Ford recall that you’ve ever read about, nor will it likely be the last. Indeed, you may be shrugging now, thinking “Recalls like this are no big deal. Affected vehicle owners will get a notice, and take it in to get fixed for free. Problem solved!” It does seem like an efficient way to stop a potential problem in its tracks, doesn’t it? And since car companies handle these recalls so effectively, why might the services of an attorney be needed?

Unfortunately, defects that cause recalls to be issued often aren’t found until after accidents occur. If an accident is found to be the result of a defective part or parts, victims are entitled to financial compensation. Sometimes multiple parties may be liable in such cases. These include the auto manufacturer, the manufacturer of the defective parts in question, and vehicle transporters and distributers. Victims who can possibly be entitled to compensation in cases involving defective vehicles include not just drivers and passengers in these cars. Occupants of other vehicles and bystanders (pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.) who have been in an accident involving a vehicle with a defect may be entitled to compensation as well.

“But”, you may think, “these auto manufacturers must be the most insured people on the planet. Surely that covers damage inflicted by cars missed by recall.” These companies can certainly afford to pay, but usually won’t without a fight. That’s why hiring an attorney can be invaluable, because that attorney can:

  • draw up and file paperwork
  • attend hearings for clients
  • meet with car company/insurance executives
  • find witnesses and conduct witness interviews
  • collect evidence
  • represent clients in court

Given the size of this latest Ford recall, it’s likely that some of these targeted vehicles will slip through the cracks.

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