Labor Day Weekend Safety Tips

Picture of Labor Day Weekend

At Needham, Kepner & Fish, we want our clients to have a safe Labor Day weekend with their relatives and friends. We recommend using these five safety tips over this holiday weekend.

Safety Tip 1: Don’t Drink Alcohol While Driving or Swimming

Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while driving a vehicle or engaging in water sports. Excess alcohol consumption is a leading cause of vehicular accidents and drowning incidents. In addition, it is illegal to drink alcohol while operating an automobile, and many local parks also have strict regulations concerning drinking alcoholic beverages.

Safety Tip 2: Use Caution While Having a Barbecue

Make sure to understand how to use a grill while you are barbecuing. Never use a charcoal or gas grill inside a building because it will lead to a buildup of lethal carbon monoxide gas. Place a grill away from trees, fences, and buildings, but make sure to have a bucket of water nearby to extinguish a dangerous fire.

Safety Tip 3: Wear a Protective Helmet While Cycling

If you want to ride your motorcycle or bicycle over the Labor Day weekend, then make sure to wear a helmet. It is also a good idea to have protective pads on your elbows or knees to prevent painful scrapes during a fall. When you are cycling in the evening, use lights and wear reflective clothing to help others see you on the road.

Safety Tip 4: Avoid Food Poisoning During Cookouts

When you are having a picnic or cookout over the Labor Day weekend, make sure to prevent food poisoning by keeping foods at the correct temperature. Use a cooler packed with ice to store foods, and also, make sure to cook meat at the proper temperature to avoid any contamination from pathogens.

Safety Tip 5: Carry a First-aid Kit

Bring along a first-aid kit when you are traveling to a special event or a local park. A first-aid kit should have an assortment of bandages along with antibiotic ointment. Make sure to learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and also, carry a cellphone with you to contact paramedics.

If you are injured over Labor Day weekend and you believe that someone may be responsible for your injuries, contact our San Jose personal injury attorneys.