Recognizing Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Each year nearly 6 million cases of elder abuse are reported in the United States. This means that approximately 10% of our nation’s elderly population reports being emotionally, physically, or financially abused. The sad truth is that these statistics only represent a fraction of the actual cases of elder abuse. Most elder abuse goes unreported.

Here is a list of warning signs of elder abuse in nursing homes:

  • Unexpected or sudden weight loss
  • Personal hygiene issues
  • Lack of access to necessities
  • Bed sore and skin rashes
  • Soiled Garments
  • Matted hair
  • Unclean hands and/or fingernails
  • Nightmares or other sleep issues
  • Apprehensive of nursing home staff
  • Emotional distress
  • Complaints of abuse

Elder abuse in nursing homes is a real problem. If you suspect somebody you love is being abused while in a long-term care facility, you should contact an elder abuse attorney. You should also contact Adult Protective Services and your local law enforcement.