Authorities investigating fatal California wreck

When a car collision occurs, it can be difficult for those involved to recover. Whether they suffer from a serious injury, have difficulty paying medical expenses or don’t have insurance, there are many issues that car accident victims have to deal with. In San Francisco, congested traffic can increase the likelihood of an auto accident, which makes it even more crucial for people to pay attention and remember the risks every time they get behind the wheel.

After a car t-boned another vehicle, law enforcement officials are investigating the fatal wreck that claimed a man’s life and left three others injured. They are treating the incident as a homicide and are trying to determine whether or not the driver responsible for causing the accident was intoxicated.

The crash took place at roughly 2:30 a.m. in downtown Los Angeles, at the intersection of Flower Street and Pico Boulevard. After the two vehicles collided, they ended up on the Metro Blue Line, causing it to close for hours.

From a drunk driving accident to a head-on collision, car wrecks can be very tragic and make it hard for survivors to move forward. On top of the physical and emotional scars, they could also have financial hardships and a great deal of stress with approaching the legal process. Additionally, these incidents can also impact those who were not directly involved, such as families and friends of the victims, when they are unable to cover funeral costs or have severe emotional pain. Anyone who is going through this and would like to understand their options may want to talk with an attorney.