Auto accident claims California woman’s life

Although driving poses a number of risks no matter where you live, cities can be particularly dangerous. In addition to busy roads, there are usually a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists as well. If you live in San Francisco, you probably hear about an auto accident once in a while. Sadly, these crashes sometimes result in serious injuries and loss of life.

Before trying to take a left-hand turn, a 22-year-old woman slowed down. However, a vehicle behind her tried to stop but was unable to slow down fast enough and struck her, according to a witness. After she was struck, the woman’s car was then pushed into oncoming traffic and she was hit by a truck.

After the accident, the woman was sent to the hospital with very serious injuries, but she was unable to survive. The crash, which occurred in Fresno, involved three vehicles. Although others were injured, none of them required hospitalization. Authorities are investigating the incident and do not suspect drugs or alcohol to have played a role.

When it comes to a motor vehicle accident, there are many contributing factors, from speeding to texting while driving. However, regardless of why accidents occur, they can cause serious problems for those involved. In addition to emotional and physical pain, legal and financial complications can also arise. As if an accident isn’t difficult enough, some people have a hard time paying their medical bills and funeral costs. Anyone who is struggling with the consequences of a car crash could benefit from talking with an attorney.

Source: The Fresno Bee, “Woman, 22, dies in three-car crash in southwest Fresno,” Bonhia Lee, Nov. 24, 2013