California car accident claims six lives

Car accidents real fact; Even though most drivers are well aware of how dangerous the roads can be and try to do what they can to avoid an accident, stories that involve a negligent driver still appear in the news. In San Francisco and throughout California, these crashes continue to result in serious injury and even death. Whether an auto accident was caused by texting while driving or a drunk driver, it is imperative for everyone on the road to try to prevent another one of these incidents from occurring.

After driving in the wrong direction on the freeway, a suspected intoxicated driver caused an accident that resulted in six fatalities. The 21-year-old driver responsible for the incident was arrested and taken to the hospital, where she was listed in serious condition.

Four of the victims were determined to have lost their lives on the freeway, while two others passed away after being hospitalized. According to those who were investigating the crash, evidence was discovered in the vehicle that has led them to believe the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Many people can be affected by a car crash, such as the victims who were directly involved and their families and friends as well. Furthermore, these wrecks can disrupt life in numerous ways. Whether someone loses the ability to work or struggles to pay costly medical expenses, life may not be the same. Car accidents can cause devastating physical and emotional pain and may also result in financial and legal hardships. Anyone who is trying to move forward after a crash may want to consider speaking with a legal professional.