Understanding Your Options as a Passenger Injured in a Car Accident

Picture of Car Accident

If you are a passenger injured in a car accident, then it is rare that you would be at fault. This further increases your chances of getting fair compensation based on the merits of your case. The tricky part in car accidents arises when it is not clear who is at fault. There are also cases where the drivers involved are not willing to admit fault. This complicates your case because the party at fault must be determined before you can make a claim.

Establishing the Party Liable for the Injuries

To get to the bottom of who was at fault, it is wise to hire the services of a personal injury lawyer. Otherwise, the case may drag on longer, and you may not receive compensation for medical bills in time. Our personal injury lawyers will launch an investigation immediately. We will begin by looking at police reports and obtaining statements from any witnesses on the scene. We will also get your statement of the recount of the accident. This will help shed light on the matter and help us determine who should pay for the injuries.

What if I’m Related to the Party at Fault?

If the passenger injured in a car accident is related to the driver, they may not be able to pursue a claim. In such a situation, the injured party is considered to be insured under the driver’s policy. This means that you might not be able file a liability claim against the company that has insured you.

Why you Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Determining fault will need you to prove that someone was liable. This calls for evidence gathering. As the passenger injured in a car accident, you may not have the legal skills and knowledge needed to conduct an investigation. There are also circumstances when the injured passenger in a car accident may not feel the symptoms immediately. If you felt you were okay at the time of the accident, then the signs show up later, you will need the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

Whatever your case is, contact Needham, Kepner & Fish and together we will come up with the best strategy forward.