Nursing Home Wandering Lawsuit

An Unsafe Environment Is Created When There Is A Lack Of Supervision

When there is a lack of supervision in a nursing home it creates an unsafe environment for the residents. When proper supervision is not provided it can result in injuries or death for a resident who goes wandering in or out of the facility. At Needham Kepner & Fish LLP, we are committed protecting the elderly from this dangerous omission of a legal duty. Our elder abuse and neglect attorneys bring dedication and experience when an unsupervised elderly individual in a nursing home is injured or dies after wandering.

The Serious and Deadly Consequences Of Nursing Home Wandering

Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are more secure when they are equipped with alarms and devices, such as the Wander Guard, that reduce instances of wandering off. These safety devices are designed to immediately notify nursing home  staff when a resident has exited his or her room or the facility. An uncontrolled environment can instantly become unsafe, mandating that caregivers be alert and attentive at all times. Failing to meet this legal standard can result in serious and even deadly consequences.

Notification Of Nursing Home Wandering and Implementing A Plan

Our nursing home wandering lawsuit attorneys hold facilities accountable for caring for the elderly and responsible when they fall short in their legal obligations. Maintaining qualified and diligent staff at adequate ratios is critical in preventing elderly residents from wandering. An assisted living or nursing home resident suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia requires constant supervision. When an elderly individual who has been diagnosed with dementia wanders off and there was no supervision, the wandering episode requires that the facility notify his or her family and the proper authorities.

An important first step after an episode of wandering may involve Implementing a plan that includes putting the person who wandered off in a locked facility or room. Without proper notification or a safety plan in place, the wandering will not stop which can result in serious injury or death.

What Our Nursing Home Wandering Lawsuit Attorneys Can Do for You

When you retain the services of our dedicated nursing home wandering lawsuit attorneys, you gain access to extensive knowledge, resources, and skill in elder abuse and neglect. We assist clients in obtaining compensation for the damages caused negligent caregivers, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes. Nursing home wandering episodes often result in catastrophic injury and even death and that it is why it is extremely urgent that you seek legal representation if you suspect a wandering episode was a result of lack of supervision.

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