San Francisco crash claims man’s life

Every car accident can have tragic consequences, but when pedestrians are involved the outcome has the potential to be much worse. In San Francisco, there are many pedestrians and bicyclists, so drivers should be particularly vigilant of their presence and do everything they can to avoid another pedestrian accident.

As two vehicles were making their way down Highway 280 early in the morning, they noticed a man who was crossing the connector ramp. Although the drivers of both vehicles told law enforcement officials that they tried to turn and avoid the 26-year-old pedestrian, the man was struck by both cars and lost his life as a result of his injuries.

A third car became involved after it struck one of the vehicles from behind. However, the drivers of all of these cars were not injured in this incident. Authorities do not believe that intoxicants were involved and there was cooperation amongst all of the drivers. The California Highway Patrol has stated that a medical examiner will be performing an autopsy on the pedestrian.

Whether a pedestrian is hit due to driver inattention in a crosswalk accident or if the collision takes place on a freeway, these accidents can interrupt life and cause a great deal of pain for everyone involved. Those who are struck by vehicles could suffer from serious injuries and loss of life, which may cause their family to struggle with expensive medical bills and funeral expenses. If you have been involved in a pedestrian accident, you could find it helpful to discuss the incident with a legal professional.