Body Found Inside of Camper Van in San Francisco

On March, 26, 2015, police discovered a body inside of a burned camper van. Police responded to a van on fire at Ingalls Street and Van Dyke Avenue. Once the fire was extinguished, the fire department found a body inside. They have yet to identify the victim. They have also not yet determined whether the fire was a suicide, homicide, or an accidental occurrence.

If the fire was an accident, it may have been the result of faulty wiring or a dangerous design within the camper van. If this is the case, the family of this victim could likely file a wrongful death lawsuit. They could sue the manufacturer of the camper van and anyone else who would have created or installed the appliance or wiring that started the fire. Manufacturers have an obligation to create safe products, and where they fail to meet that obligation, there should be consequences.

Wrongful death lawsuits, like the potential lawsuit here, motivate manufacturers to inspect their products closely so that they do not harm people. Where the inspections are inadequate or simply do not occur, then a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit is appropriate. If you or someone you love has been injured because of a manufacturing defect, contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. The skilled attorneys at Needham Kepner & Fish can help! Call 408-956-6949 for more information.