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With congested roads, pollution and the cost of maintaining a car, cycling to work — or just for fun — is a good alternative for many residents of San Francisco. Like many urban cities, though, San Francisco can be dangerous for cyclists. When bicycle accidents occur, sometimes the cyclists are at fault, but often they aren’t.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact Needham Kepner & Fish LLP, a well-established local law firm. Our San Francisco bicycle accident lawyers focus on the Bay Area. We are passionate about cycling and the laws that protect cyclists.

It is easier to avoid bike accidents when you cycle responsibly. Here are some tips for staying safe in San Francisco:

  • Share the road
  • Use proper hand signals
  • Observe rights-of-way
  • Avoid weaving through traffic
  • Avoid riding on sidewalks


What To Do if You Are Injured in a Bicycle Accident

Even when you are biking safely, you still may be injured in an accident. Bad roads and bad drivers are always out there. As auto accident lawyers who frequently handle bicycle accidents in San Francisco, we are all too familiar with the injuries that bike wrecks can cause. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you should:

  • Call the police: If you are too injured to do so, ask a witness to call the police. A police report is important as documentation of injuries, witnesses, possible causes and damage. You have a right to an accident report and should not be dissuaded from obtaining a report or noting inaccuracies in a report.
  • Gather information: Write down contact information, insurance information, license plate numbers and driver license numbers from everyone involved. Don’t forget to get contact information from all witnesses. If you carry a cell phone or camera, take pictures of the accident scene, bicycle and car positions and any road conditions or signs that contributed to the accident.
  • Document your injuries. Keep medical records, damaged clothing and your bike. Also keep your medical appointments, follow your doctor’s recommendations and hold on to diagnosis reports and other medical documentation.

You need legal help after an accident, so you should contact a bicycle accident lawyer in San Francisco. Do not talk to representatives of the insurance company or sign anything from them and do not agree to a settlement. That’s your attorney’s job.

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