Truck collides with bus in fatal Northern California wreck

Even though most drivers are well aware of the risks they face every time they get in their vehicle, accidents continue to claim lives. Furthermore, even if someone drives responsibly, they could be struck by a negligent driver. When semi trucks are involved in a crash, there is a greater likelihood of victims suffering from serious injuries and death. Whether a big rig has bad tires or a drunk truck driver is behind the wheel, too many of these incidents continue to take place in San Francisco, CA, and across the country.

A multi-vehicle accident recently occurred in Orland, California, on Interstate 5. The wreck involved a semi that was pulling a double trailer, a tour bus full of students and other vehicles. A total of 48 people were inside the vehicles that were struck, 40 of whom were students on a tour bus that was headed to Humboldt State University.

So far, the accident has claimed 10 lives and left 18 people injured, some of whom are in critical condition. The students belonged to 37 different Southern California high schools and were heading upstate to preview the university.

When someone has had their life interrupted because of a truck accident and decides to take legal action, there are a number of factors that could impact their case. For example, determining if the driver was intoxicated, speeding or suffering from truck driver fatigue could affect the outcome. In some cases, the truck company could be at fault due to negligent truck maintenance or other issues. Anyone who is dealing with this may want to consider talking to an attorney.

Source: CBS San Francisco, “48 People Involved In Bus and FedEx Truck Crash On Interstate 5,” Brandon Mercer, April 11, 2014