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Blogs from May, 2017


Are you heading out on the road this summer? Before you do, you may want to pay close attention to some tips. These tips are designed to keep you safe on your summer road trips.

1) Choose your transportation carefully. Make sure the seatbelts are working properly. Be sure your vehicle is not going to break down on you, take it in for routine services before you depart.

2) Are you going to be staying in a hotel at some point? Scope out the escape route situation. Checking out the amenities is okay, bit only after you review the emergency route situations. You will be glad you did if an emergency occurs.

3) Do not flash your valuables around. Do not do this with cash either. Not everyone you meet on your road trip is going to be nice. Keep only what you need on you when you leave your car. Keep all the other stuff locked up where no one can find it. Thieves love naive tourists and travelers. Do not become a victim.

4) Summer road trips are fun. It is important that you are prepared. Keep the bare essentials with you for your summer road trips. Pack based on where you will be traveling.

5) Save all your emergency numbers and have them handy for your summer road trips. You never know when you will get stuck and who you will need to call.