AAA Study Finds Majority of Hit and Run Deaths Are Cyclists and Pedestrians

AAA released a new study with important implications for cyclists and pedestrians in the Bay Area. According to AAA, fatal hit and run accidents have increased by an average of more than 7 percent each year since 2009. The study found that cyclists and pedestrians accounted for 65 percent of these deaths.

An estimated 682,000 hit and run accidents occur each year. During 2016, there were 2,049 hit and run deaths. This is the highest number of fatal hit and run accidents ever recorded for a single year. AAA’s study also ranked states based on the number of hit and run accidents. California ranked number seven, while New Mexico came in first place.

Hit and run crashes are unfortunately a common occurrence in the Bay Area. Several weeks ago, a hit and run driver struck and killed a 64-year-old man on Highway 4 in Discovery Bay. The man was reportedly walking to his friend’s house when the crash occurred. Last month, a San Jose woman was arrested after fleeing the scene of an accident that left a pedestrian with critical injuries. According to Santa Clara police, the driver struck the pedestrian as he was stepping out of his vehicle.

What You Can Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

There are several steps you can take after a hit and run crash that may help locate the driver. However, your first two steps should be to notify the police and to seek medical attention.

You should also try to write down details about the accident. If you are able to, write down the vehicle’s make, model, color and even the license plate number. Witnesses may also be able to provide you with this information if you are not able to remember. There is also a chance that cameras recorded the accident.

You should also speak with an attorney after an accident. An attorney can help you file a lawsuit and negotiate with insurance providers. You can speak to an attorney at Needham Kepner & Fish by calling (408) 716-1668 or by using our case review form.

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