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Blogs from March, 2023

Senior man lays in bed in a nursing home facility.

Nursing homes are meant to provide a safe and caring environment for the elderly and those who require medical attention. However, the sad truth is that not all nursing homes live up to this expectation. Many older adults face abuse and neglect while in nursing homes. This abuse can include physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse, leading to severe emotional and physical trauma.

This blog post reveals five shocking stories of nursing home abuse that you may not know.

#1 - The Case of Edna Wagner

Edna Wagner had been in a care facility residency for nearly five years when her family started to notice changes in her demeanor. She complained of bruises and cuts, but it wasn't until her daughter installed a hidden camera that the family realized the full extent of the abuse. They caught footage of caregivers slapping, pushing, and verbally abusing Edna. It was also discovered that they had been forcibly medicating her. The family immediately alerted authorities and reported the abuse.

#2 - The Case of Irene Winstead

Irene Winstead was living in a nursing home when she started to show signs of dementia. She became incontinent and was occasionally aggressive, which led the staff to restrain her chemically. The staff would place a medication patch on her back and leave her for hours. Irene eventually died due to the effects of the medication. Upon learning about her death, her family filed a case against the nursing home.

#3 - The Case of Martha Horter

Martha Horter was in a nursing facility residency when her family tragedy occurred. She was frequently abused, her bed sores were left untreated, and she was forced to interact with other residents with a violent behavior history. After Martha's family filed a complaint, the facility's managers fired a few staffers and denied any wrongdoing. This is another case of how nursing home abuse goes unnoticed.

#4 - The Case of Evelyn Wilson

Evelyn Wilson was known for her bubbly personality and was beloved by her family. However, she suffered from Parkinson's disease and required special care that the nursing home failed to provide. Evelyn's family arrived at the care facility one day only to find her on the floor writhing in pain. It was later discovered that she had broken her hip and had been lying on the floor for hours before anyone noticed. Evelyn's family filed a lawsuit, and the nursing home was held accountable.

#5 - The Case of Lila Haley

Lila Haley was a senior citizen who suffered from multiple medical conditions which required special care. After her family had noticed she was being treated poorly, they installed a hidden camera in her room, but what they found was worse than expected. The camera recorded footage of one of the caregivers dragging her out of bed, throwing her onto the floor, and rough handling her while changing her adult diaper. The police were informed, and the caretaker faced prosecution.

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