How to Recognize the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Photo of San Jose Physical Elder Abuse

The signs of physical elder abuse are not always obvious, especially given the nature of nursing home care. It is important to know how to recognize any clues pointing to potential nursing home abuse so that you can take action against it.

Common Signs of Physical Abuse or Neglect of Elders

The more common signs of abuse include:

  • Bruises
  • Cigarette burns
  • Scalding burns
  • Rope burns
  • Strap abrasions
  • Missing teeth
  • Sprains
  • Internal injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints

In addition to the physical signs, there are other clues to watch out for which may indicate abuse, such as the following:

  • Evidence the victim is self-treating injuries
  • Delays in medical treatment for injuries
  • A history of emergency room visits
  • A pattern of similar injuries among other elders
  • The relationship between nursing home staff and the elder is strained
  • The elder withdraws and no longer participates in things they previously enjoyed

How to Report Elder Abuse

If you suspect nursing home abuse, it is vital that you take action to stop it immediately. Reporting the abuse is the first step. You can report suspicions of abuse to the National Center on Elder Abuse. The nursing home abuse lawyers at Needham Kepner & Fish LLP have the experience and resources necessary to get you and your loved ones justice.