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Have you or family member has been injured or suffered a wrongful death in a bicycle accident? If so, you are within your legal rights to seek compensation from the responsible person or persons. But do not hesitate! The more time you lose, the less likely you will get the money needed for the time lost from work, medical bills, and things you have suffered. Call an experienced Menlo Park Bicycle Accident Law Firm at Needham Kepner & Fish LLP today at 1-408-956-6949 to discuss your case.

We will handle the insurance companies and neglectful parties involved in your legal case while you and your loved ones recover from accident injuries they have suffered.

Bike riding or cycling has been on the rise over the past years and has firmly established itself the Bay area throughout Northern California as an authentic lifestyle. It seems as if more and more people are taking to the streets with their bicycles to commute to work, exercise, and travel. It’s encouraging that people are choosing to get fit and contribute to a better global environment. However, more bicycles on the roads lead to more crashes which, in turn, means more injuries and fatalities. The majority of bike accidents occur because of negligent drivers who don’t use adequate caution around cyclists.

Most bicycle accidents involve crashes with cars and other motor vehicles, the drivers of which commit negligent and reckless acts.

Frequent Bicycle Accident Scenarios in the Menlo Park

The following are the most common scenarios among bicycle-automobile collisions:

•   Sideswipe Collision: Motorists must allow enough space when passing bicyclists. Unfortunately, some drivers get hurried and attempt exceptionally unsafe passes, often resulting in a sideswipe accident or the bicyclist being run off the road.

•   Left Hand Turn Collision: Vehicle Code section 21801(a) states that all drivers attempting a left-hand turn first must check for and shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction. This law includes bicycles. Sadly, there are times when a motorist doesn’t see a cyclist coming while making a left turn and crashes into them.

•   Intersection Collisions: A driver may fail to yield to a crossing bicyclist, or may fail to stop at an intersection, causing an injurious or even fatal accident.

•   Dooring: On many streets, the bicycle lane is next to the parking lane with very little space between them. Often in this type of accident, the motorist neglects to check for bicyclists before entering or exiting their parked vehicle. This negligence leads to a tragic accident of bicyclist colliding into the car door or getting thrust out of the lane. The outcome of these scenarios can be deadly.

We are cyclists just like you – Menlo Park Bicycle Accident Law Firm

At Needham Kepner & Fish LLP, we are cyclists ourselves, so we understand how these accidents can happen. Have you or a loved one been injured in a bike accident caused by someone negligence? You need to retain an experienced Menlo Park Bicycle Accident Law Firm to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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