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With its temperate climate and gorgeous scenery, Monterey is a prime spot for enjoying nature and cycling. Miles of bike routes, waterfront roads and off-road trails combine to make our area a cycling haven. As avid cyclists, the Monterey bicycle accident lawyers at Needham Kepner & Fish LLP understand both the draw and the danger of biking along the Pacific Coast.

Bicycle accidents occur in a matter of seconds but can cause lifetime injuries. To help avoid accidents, consider the following tips as you pedal through Monterey:

Know the road: The Monterey Coastal Bike Trail is 29 miles of mixed route from the Artichoke Capital of the World in Castroville and down along the Monterey Peninsula shoreline. While much of the route is bike path, there is shoulder riding too. Choosing a route you are comfortable with can help you avoid bike accidents. In addition to street and unsigned off-road riding, you may encounter these types of lanes in Monterey:

  • Bike paths: These paths are the safest routes and are designed for pedestrians and cyclists, not cars.
  • Bike lanes: Painted onto roadways, bike lanes are sections of the road designated for cyclists and scooter riders. Bike lanes provide some separation of car and cycle traffic, reducing the likelihood of bicycle accidents.
  • Signed bike routes: Street and road routes marked “bike route” provide no separation of cyclists from car traffic. These routes are the most dangerous and require cyclists and drivers to stay alert when sharing the road.

Know the rules: Bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists in Monterey. Stay alert and stay alive. In California, if you are listening to music, you can legally use only one earbud.

Accidents happen: Even when cyclists pay attention and keep to the rules of the road, bicycle accidents happen in Monterey. Get medical help and a good bike accident attorney so you can get back on the road.

Uneven pavement or distracted drivers can change your life in an instant. Contact our auto accident attorneys if you are injured in a bicycle accident and need experienced legal help in Monterey, California. We understand the risks, and the rights, of cyclists.

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