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Blogs from April, 2017


It is classic Americana, picture the scene. It opens with moms and dads loading children into their respective, family vehicles and heading out for a fun day at an area amusement park. They get there and have a fantastic time, until something goes terribly wrong. One of the family members is injured or killed while on one of the rides. Sound like pure fantasy to you? Surprisingly, it’s not. Just look at the headlines from ABC News. They prove that family outings don’t always end with suntans and sweet memories.

Amusement venues are supposed to go to great lengths to protect patrons. It’s called “due diligence”, but not everyone sticks to the rules. As a matter of fact, some amusement parks from years gone by were notorious for their injury and death statistics. Can anyone say, “Action Park”, “Coney Island”, “Six Flags Great Adventure” or “Discovery Cove?” Over the years, each one of them had their respective share of unfortunate headlines. And as the news making its way across television airwaves in 2017 indicates, personal injury lawyers are still watching the industry closely.

Many pay attention to the service bulletins routinely issued by agencies, including NAARSO. They indicate manufacturers’ defects that may be present in amusement venue rides. These defects may not be readily apparent to families thinking about nothing more than having a good time. For example, did you know that there have recently been recalled for components associated with many popular rides? Among them are carousels, giant swings, Ferris wheels and zero gravity rides? It’s true and if the amusement venues families are visiting don’t correct the problems, under personal injury law they may be liable for damages too.

To find out more about amusement industry recalls and if they’ll have bearing on a potential lawsuit, please contact our personal injury law firm today.