Why San Jose’s New Bike Lane Project Could Create More Traffic

San Jose is preparing to undertake a major overhaul downtown. The project is called Better BikewaySJ, a two-year project that will create more bike lanes, add traffic diverters and remove some parking spots in the downtown San Jose area. The protected biking lanes will be created in tandem with the city’s street repaving plans. The project’s goal is to slow down traffic and create safer environments for cyclists and pedestrians.

What Are the Problems With The New Plan?

Downtown San Jose residents are not happy about the new project. While construction for the new bike lanes are underway, it will create more potential traffic delays. Even once the bike lanes are done, the project could ultimately create more potential accidents between cyclists and motorists.

High-density housing is creating a population surge in downtown San Jose. Along with the Better BikewaySJ project, individuals driving into downtown will find less parking as they make way for more bike lanes. The combination of these two factors will create even more traffic congestion.

Many citizens claim to have not been properly warned about the upcoming renovations. However, officials have said four community meetings were held. Officials have also incorporated community concerns into the design and implementation of the new project.

Questions About a Car Accident?

With all the new high-density residential properties going up in San Jose, there has been an increase in motorists. This increase could lead to more accidents.

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