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Blogs from July, 2018


During the summer, the California Highway Patrol heightens its efforts to make sure that motorcyclists and motorists are driving safely on the roads. For motorcyclists, the summer months are a time for road trips and other adventures along scenic California roads. The winding roads, winds, and other motorists may make the roads unsafe for those traveling by motorcycle. Due to California Highway Patrol and other factors, the percentage of motorcycle accidents has decreased by 28 percent in the last year.

What is Lane Splitting?

This decrease in motorcycle accidents is due in part to CHP’s safety programs as well as laws passed by the California government. In 2016, a bill was passed to allow motorcyclists to practice in lane splitting. A University of California Berkeley study reports that lane splitting is safe at low speeds. This law was passed to ensure that motorcyclists aren’t unsafely positioned behind idle vehicles. CHP is also educating motorcyclists and other drivers about lane-splitting.

Facts about Lane Splitting

Here are some general facts about lane splitting:

  • Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist passes a a vehicle in the same lane in the same direction.
  • It is important for motorcyclists who are lane-splitting to drive at low speeds and to be aware of cars and blind spots.
  • Lane splitting is prohibited above 50 miles per hour.

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