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Blogs from February, 2020


Motorcycle accidents occur about as frequently as other vehicular accidents. However, motorcyclists face extra dangers while on the road. This is because other drivers and passengers have seatbelts and a metal car frame protecting them in an accident. Because they lack these added safety features, motorcyclists are more likely to be seriously injured in an accident. For this reason, motorcyclists should take extra precautions when on the road.

Below are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents that all bikers should be aware of.


1. Driving Under the Influence

Poor judgement and impaired motor skills make driving while intoxicated dangerous regardless of the vehicle. However, intoxicated motorcyclists are at an increased risk of serious or fatal accidents.

Because biking is often a social activity, motorcyclists often meet up or make stops at bars or restaurants. This social aspect increases bikers’ risk of becoming intoxicated and driving while impaired. For this reason, motorcyclists should be mindful about their alcohol consumption by limiting their drinks appropriately.

2. Collisions Due to Motorcyclists in Blind Spots

Motorcycles are much smaller than the average car. That means they’re also easy to overlook. When a vehicle fails to notice a motorcycle, they may make an unsafe lane change or turn. This can be deadly for a motorcyclist.

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is bikers in blind spots. In 2017, 42% of fatal motorcycle-vehicle crashes were the result of an unsafe turn. In each of these accidents, the vehicle turned left while the motorcyclist was going straight, passing, or overtaking other vehicles.

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3. Head-on Collisions

In 2017, front-end impacts made up 76% of all motorcycle-vehicle crashes. Only 7% involved rear-end collisions. A head-on collision is often fatal for the motorcyclist.

The best way for motorcyclists to avoid serious or fatal accidents is to remain aware and focused while on the road. However, sometimes accidents happen despite your best efforts.

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4. Speeding

Speeding is also a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Speeding can refer to exceeding the posted speed limit, driving too fast for present conditions, or racing with other motorists. In 2017, speeding accounted for 18% of fatal crashes for passenger car drivers. For motorcyclists, that number jumps up to 32%. Motorcyclists should take this statistic as a caution against excessive speeding.

5. Roadway Hazards and Fixed Objects

Another of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents are nonhuman hazards. This includes poor roadway conditions, like potholes or debris on the roads. Additionally, fixed objects accounted for 23% of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2017. For this reason, motorcyclists should take extra precautions while driving.


No matter what causes a motorcycle accident, serious injuries are likely to occur. This could look like brain or spinal cord injuries, broken bones and fractures, among other things. Depending on the severity of the injury, extensive medical treatment may be necessary. This all translates to hefty medical bills.

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