California businesses could see higher workers’ comp premiums

When it comes to workers’ compensation, companies are required to carry it in order to protect employees in case they are injured. However, workers’ comp does not typically pay for the entire cost of the worker’s damages. In San Francisco, some business owners worry about the cost of workers’ compensation, so many pay attention to industry recommendations.

Due to an increase in the cost of medical care and an abundance of claims, some predict that there could be a significant increase in workers’ compensation premiums. While some businesses remain optimistic and believe that legislation will reduce the severity of rate increases, many worry that workers’ comp premiums will continue to rise, having already gone up 35 percent from 2009 rates.

One advisory group that the workers’ comp industry supports has recommended a 6.9 percent increase in premiums, which would begin next year. Additionally, other insiders think there could actually be even more of an increase. The insurance commissioner will decide whether or not these recommendations are acceptable, and while insurance companies do not have to abide by what the commissioner recommends, many do. With regard to the most costly states for workers’ compensation, California ranks in the top three.

If an employee is injured on the job, workers’ compensation is often one of the first things that will be taken into consideration. If you own a business and want to protect yourself and your workers from the damage that a workplace injury can cause, it is important to have excellent coverage. If you want to find out more about workers’ comp, talking with an experienced legal professional could be helpful.