San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer

We are Bay Area bicycle accident lawyers who fight for you. With congested roads along Highway 80, Highway 280, Highway 101, etc and the cost of maintaining a car, cycling to work — or just for fun — is a good alternative for many residents of San Francisco. Like many urban cities, though, San Francisco can be dangerous for cyclists. When bicycle accidents occur, sometimes the cyclists are at fault, but often they are not.

It is easier to avoid bike accidents when you cycle responsibly. Here are some tips for staying safe in San Francisco:

  • Share the road
  • Use proper hand signals
  • Observe rights-of-way
  • Avoid weaving through traffic
  • Avoid riding on sidewalks

If you have been injured because of someone else’s negligence, contact Needham Kepner & Fish, a well-established local law firm. Our San Francisco bicycle accident lawyers focus on the Bay Area. We are passionate about cycling and the laws that protect cyclists.