Pokemon GO Car Crash Epidemic

A Pokemon GO car crash epidemic is plaguing the nation. Pokemon GO, an augmented reality game,  has only been out for a couple weeks and it is already begun causing a variety of legal issues for players. The game allows gamers to catch Pokemon at real life locations and uses the GPS on smartphones. To prevail at the game, players are required to explore their community in search of Pokemon. It should come as no surprise that players have been playing Pokemon GO while driving in order to speed up the process of finding and catching Pokemon.

More dangerous than texting and driving, Pokemon GO and driving has quickly become an epidemic as gamers feel they “gotta catch ‘em all.” A man in New York was driving while playing the game, drove off the road, and plowed into a tree. A 15-year-old Pennsylvania  girl was hit by a motor vehicle while crossing a busy highway playing the game. The mother of the girl reported that she is expected to live, however, t was also reported that she suffered serious injuries. Two police officers in Canada suffered injury after their patrol car was backed into by another vehicle. Two people exited the car after the collision and apologized. They admitted they were playing Pokemon GO when the crash occurred.

Last week in NYC, it was reported that a rare Pokemon was located near Central Park. This caused hundreds of gamers to flock to the area try and capture it. Videos of the event shared by witnesses, show a driver parking and leaving their car in the street.  Many law enforcement agencies have since issued public safety warnings about the dangers of driving and playing Pokemon GO.

In California drivers owe a legal duty to others to act reasonably under the circumstances. This includes refraining from engaging in activities that distract their attention from driving. When a motorist breaches this duty and is the cause of a Pokemon GO car crash, they may be held liable. Pokemon GO car accidents are the result of negligent conduct.

If you have been injured in a Pokemon GO car crash, you deserve justice. Contact a personal injury attorney at Needham Kepner & Fish LLP today to discuss the facts and circumstances surrounding the car accident you were involved in.