San Mateo Personal Injury Lawyer

San Mateo Personal Injury and surrounding areas; Most of our clients were folks that were minding their own business and didn’t do anything wrong and suddenly they have been in a situation that caused an injury.

We have been representing consumers in San Mateo and throughout San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years. We handle cases like wrongful death, personal injury, motorcycle accidents and more. We believe that if we do not win a case, then you as a consumer should not have to pay anything to our firm
It’s not about the money for us. It’s about ensuring that our client’s future healthcare needs are taken care of. We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. Most importantly we feel that our lawyers get the job done accurately and timely.

What we try to do is bring a highly skilled group of experienced attorneys together to work on your case. We feel that there is not problem that our experienced staff cannot work through to figure out. Please contact us today so that we can begin work on your case.